Grupo de Procesado de Imagen / Image Processing Team

Who are we???

GPI is a research team focusing on image processing: image analysis, computer vision, remote sensing, image & video communication...
GPI belongs to University of Vigo.
GPI is part of a larger group: SC2 research group (listed the oficial group registry) and through SC2, we are part of AtlantTIC.
We are based in the School of Telecommunications Engineering, Signal Theory & Communications Department.
Contact person: Fernando Martín Rodríguez (, html, cv).
Ongoing Projects:

Research Projects on which we are working just now.

Title: "Development and Exploitation of Innovative Tools for Remote Marine Litter Control and Management through UAV’s". Project devoted to the use of drone captured images to detect marine litter in the coastline. Initiated february, 2nd, 2017. Co-financed by the European Union. GPI leads this project.



Title: "Sistema Robotizado para Análisis Microbiológicos de Calidad de Aguas Automatizados" (robotized system for water quality automatic microbiologic analysis).

"Programa Retos-Colaboración 2015" (Call "cooperation challenges 2015).

RTC – 2015 – 4192 – 2

Real time water quality monitorization measuring microbiologic parameters. Ramica project will develop autonomous tools (buoys mounted systems) able to analyze water "in situ" obtaining real time results to implement nowadays monitoring programs.

GPI participates in this project.





This projects aims to develop an integral dredging system able to work under a sustainable dredging concept. This new concept is eco-friendly and, besides, it allows to reduce cost and operation time. E-Corydora is the continuation of former Ecodraga project. This time a new submarine dredging subsystem will be developed.

GPI participates in this project.

Life Demowave:

The main objective of the project LifeDemoWave is the demonstration of the feasibility of the use of wave power for electric generation in order to reduce greenhouse gases’ emissions. Thus, according to the regulation LIFE 2014-2020 Regulation (EC) No 1293/2013 the specific objective (d) stablished in article 14 would be reached. Thus, it will contribute to the development and demonstration that the use of other technologies such as wave power helps to mitigate the climate change with easily repeatable equipment. This project wants to raise awareness in society, proving that this is a via to reach clean energy, one of the biggest barriers nowadays.

GPI participates in this project.


Recent Projects:

Delivered research projects.


GPI and CIMA (mechanical engineering group of UVIGO) were contracted to develop iObserver. iObserver is a computer vision system to be installed onboard fishing and/or oceanographic vessels to monitor fish specimens that are captured. Focus is specially put on counting the number of individuals belonging to each species (from a predefined species catalog), thus characterizing quantitatively captures and discards.

iObserver is a key part of Life project "iSEAS".

iObserver01 iObserver02 iObserver03




Eco-friendly dredging... Funded by Feder Innterconecta. GPI participated in this project.

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